Our Expertise

Barns & Unique Conversions

Our expertise starts from the ground upward. Both Zoe Napier and Damian Prior have been key to spotting opportunities for the conversion of barns and outbuildings for many years. For Zoe, this comes with not only experience in the sale of property but from a long standing third generation family of builders. Understanding the detail, cost, construction and quality of conversions is just the starting point to helping both buyers and sellers. For Damian, his background is from a farming family, with equal but differing skills.

This great experience has been passed on to the whole team at The Zoe Napier Group who are accustomed to dealing with unique properties. Our dedicated platform for Barns and Unique Conversions includes:

  • Barn Conversions from the 15th to the 21st Centuries
  • Victorian School Houses
  • Watermills and Windmills
  • Water and Station Towers
  • Churches and Chapels
  • Air Raid Shelters and Warehouse Conversions
  • Converted Stables, Granaries and Outbuildings
  • Anything that is 'out of the ordinary'
  • Outbuildings and Barns for Development (We know good planning consultants to recommend, dependent upon area)

Let us take care of your Unique Property Sale

Should you be thinking of buying a unique home or are wanting to sell your Barn or Unique Conversion, please Contact Us.